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e-VATplus relies on the expertise of its managers and employees and the performance of its technical platform.

Petronela Caso

Founder and CEO

Petronela personally advises the firm's clients and directs all of its activities.

As a specialist in VAT issues and regulations at the European level, she brings to companies her unique expertise in the implementation of the European VAT Directive and the modernization of VAT systems.

Prior to creating e-VATplus, Petronela worked for several years with numerous international companies within the Deloitte group and was involved in the management, development and optimization of several renowned tax representation firms.

Petronela is a European citizen. She is convinced that the harmonization of national regulations is essential for the growth of the European economy. That the harmonization of regulations supported by adapted technological tools will lead to a significant increase in intra-community trade.

It is thus regularly consulted by the European authorities on VAT issues and provides companies with its knowledge and understanding of the European vision.

Frédéric Fayout


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Paul Continente


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Jean-Marie Ferrando


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Xavier Amiel


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Technical platform

An expert and user-friendly technical platform to provide you with an optimal service and guarantee the reliability and speed of processing your VAT files, regardless of their number and volume.

Optimal service

Thanks to its technical platform, e-VATplus delivers an optimal service to its customers and can handle large volumes of files and complex flows.


With it, e-VATplus helps companies meet the challenges of globalization by managing all their VAT issues worldwide.

User-friendly and simple

A user-friendly and simple access to allow each company to access its data and VAT returns at any time.


Understand and integrate the new obligations

Your company, whatever its size and activities, must quickly surround itself with the skills and resources that will enable it to comply with the unprecedented strengthening of European VAT regulations. E-VATplus is the partner you need.

For me, e-VATplus is above all a relationship of trust. A listening and a proximity that I have not found in any other firm. An unwavering commitment of the managers on the files. A sincerity and availability that make all the difference.

Patrick Privat de Garilhe

Partner Treuhand France


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